Documents Needed For Non-Profit Donation Program

UF Surplus donates furniture and equipment to non-profit and educational institutions to support the communities in which we are present.  We donate select surplus property free of charge to help organizations facilitate fulfillment of their mission in the community.

1. A Copy of Organization’s Consumer Certificate of Exemption (DR-14) issued by Florida Dept of Revenue.

2. A Signed Letter stating & listing who is authorized to pickup & sign for Donated Property on their organization’s behalf.

Please Note: UF Surplus reserves the right to control the number and type of items an organization can receive during a specified period. If you have any questions or concerns, direct them to David Dykes at 392-0370 or dykesde@ufl.edu

These items are available while supplies last to approved non-profit and educational institutions.

Available Items for Donation

Below is the current list of available items for donation.

Send us a list of “TAG” numbers to be claimed in an email to:  Surplus-fa@ufl.edu.
Be sure to include what non-profit organization you are requesting items on their behalf.

If you have any questions, please contact us @ (352) 392-0370.
Thank you.