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Your trusted source for good used electronics, equipment, and furniture.


The lobby area of UF Surplus is now open to the general public and UF departments. However, we will continue to offer contactless pickups through curbside service if requested.
Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

UF Surplus offers several services to the university departments, students, and to the general public. UF Surplus sells surplus property to students and the public through Buy Now sales and auctions. UF Surplus sales to the public include desktop and laptop computers, iPads, tablets, monitors, projectors, printers, automobiles, bikes and a varied array of scientific and medical equipment. For the university departments UF Surplus offer an easy way for surplus property to be transferred and reused by other departments within the University. UF Surplus donates surplus furniture and equipment to schools and non-profits to support the communities in which we are present.



We use online auctions to sell many surplus items like electronics (desktop and laptop computers, monitors, tablets, projectors, audio visual, etc.), scientific and medical equipment, furniture and bicycles. Please click to browse and bid on your next great purchase on Public Surplus or GovDeals. These auctions are available to everyone!

Buy Now

UF has items available for purchase including laptops, iPads, desktops, monitors, and furniture. The items are listed on the Buy Now page and on Craigslist and allows customers to come to UF Surplus and purchase and take home items using a credit card at the advertised price.


UF Surplus provides an easy way for surplus property to be reused by other departments within the University. University departments can have surplus property picked up or acquire surplus property at no cost to the University department. University departments can get more information by following the UF Surplus directives and procedures. UF employees view and reserve items available for departmental use from UF Surplus by using the Online Shopping portal.  If you don’t see what you want, you may make a request for an items right on the “Online Shopping” portal using the Equipment Requests button.


UF Surplus donates furniture and equipment to support the communities in which we are present. Schools and non-profits can enroll into our donation program. We donate select surplus property free of charge to help organizations facilitate fulfillment of their mission in the community.


UF Surplus offers a co-op internship for Santa Fe students who are Information Technology Education (ITE) majors that provides hands-on experience with testing and repairing a variety of computer and network equipment. If you are interested, contact UF Surplus for more information. We are always looking for new interns!

Work Study

Job opportunities exist for all UF students whether or not they are eligible for financial aid. UF Surplus works with students on the hours to be worked to make sure that the hours do not interfere with class schedule. Contact UF Surplus for more information.