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Welcome to the UF Surplus Warehouse. We offer several services to the university and the public as a whole. For the university we offer asset transfers to, from each department, and through My Assets, transfers between departments. For the public we offer a selected group of auctions. These can include computers, projectors, printers, automobiles, bikes and a varied array of scientific equipment.

Types of items that can be found at the warehouse include:

  • PC Computers/Laptops - Pentium 4 and above
  • Computer peripherals - projectors and scanners.
  • Desks and assorted office furniture
  • Copiers
  • Automobiles

All equipment received in the warehouse is held for a period of 14-days from date of transfer and made available to all UF departments. Due to the large volume of surplus property, after the 14-days have expired, all items not transferred to a department are placed on public auction.

Please Note: We only accept Credit Cards as form of payment. Payments MUST be made online within (5) business days after the auction closes, or it wll be reposted for public auction.</p>

For more information, contact David Dykes at the Surplus Warehouse at (352) 392-0370.

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